Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It'll NEVER happen !

My wee Tuesday night drinking girlfriend, Connie, is very down at the mo'.
His beloved old Ssangyong Musso Jeep , involved in a recent mishap, (not of his making he insists !) has now finally been "written off " .,,. far too old at almost 7-years and with some 60,000 miles on board, to even be considered for a £4900 repair !! Ouch :( ,.., new doors required from dealers down South, wings etc, from far away Korea ? and heavy labour charges made it completely non viable to the Insurance Co.
The garage assessing the damage have told him the car will not be returned to him for it's now in an illegal state and cannot be driven ( although he's been driving it for nigh on 3-weeks since the accident ! ) They've also now sent an engineer from the garage to take back the courtesy car they had loaned him !
He removed all the parts near to his heart yesterday ( including his personal number plates ) and said a tearful goodbye to his old pal in the junk yard .,.,.,

Now here's the real rub !

He now has to get up at 6-30am to WALK to the station to get a train into town that gives him time to then WALK to his office .,,. and of course the whole reverse procedure at night .,,.,. and for this privilege he gets to pay the train company £5 PER DAY ! That's £25 a week or £100 a month ,,,
Now for that amount of petrol in the jeep ( which incidentally was a Gas Guzzler ) he could travel all month ANYWHERE and at a more suitable time of day !! ( remember this is a guy that REALLY likes his kip ! )
So this is the Government's idea of environmental awareness, carbon footprinting, saving the Planet ,, in practice ?
They want us to stop using the convenience of the car and instead use their brilliant new Public Transport system ,..,,.
at un-Godly, un-reliable hours and laughably ridiculous expense .,,. oh and sharing with mobile phone users, breakfast munchers and lap top junkies !
Aye that'll work .,,.,. NOT !
In politics, absurdity is not a handicap. - Napoleon Bonaparte

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Thomas said...

When does he start work? Couldn't he get the X78 bus into town instead? A four-week bus ticket is about £35.
Even if he needs to get the train, he can get a zone card and save some money.