Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who do you think you are kidding Mr ... THIEF !

Bloody Politicians ,,, Not that I ever trusted one of them anyway, but now having to listen to all these lame, so called, excuses ?,.., this is utterly preposterous.
"A simple accounting error ? a slight oversight"? Aye right !
Just ask any old lady who coudn't afford to buy her dinner ( because of the taxes she has to pay ? )and chose instead to try a little shoplifting ,,
SHE ended up in court ! She was BRANDED a THIEF !
These lying, cheating, thieving bastards MUST be prosecuted ,,, each and every one of them, taken into COURT, damned in public by their own actions, tried by the people they robbed ( us, the lowly but mostly HONEST taxpayers ! ) and put firmly behind bars for their CRIMES, for make no mistake ,, these are CRIMES ; Deception, Fraud & Theft to name but a few.
It then follows that they are banned sine die from EVER working for the public at ANYTHING .,,. and this is an absolute sine qua non !
Angry ,,, me ?
You better believe it .,., God help the next one that accosts me in the street or at the Polling station ,, where I'll be going to publicly tear up my voting card !

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