Friday, May 08, 2009

Well, it's over. ( for now ! )

Everything comes to he who waits .,,. and God knows I've waited !
Now, after what seems like many, many months ( was it really only months ? ) we are finally finished ! Buchanan Towers ( downstairs that is :>( ) is complete !
I'll try now listing everything we've done ,,, if I can remember it all !

1) Butchered my beloved fireplace taking away the Tv corner.
2) Removed the old enormously heavy Tv ,, possibly the heaviest Tv ever built !
3) New Tv fitted .. Huge wall mounted affair requiring very strong wall brackets !
4) Removed all the fireplace slate & replaced it with wood, after much measuring, sawing & laquering.
5) Lifted the floor wood in the dining room then smashed the two levels of tiles and humphed them all out to the back garden ( making the place look like old Steptoe's yard for a time ) ( this also resulted in a cut hand which required a hospital visit for stitches ,, alas too busy for that so just bled a lot on the dirty floor ! )
6) Wallpapered & painted the living & dining rooms.
7) Run in new cables all round the room, under the fireplace for the new Sound system
8) Fitted the new sound system, inc Amp, PS3, Sky+ box, Speakers & Woofer !
9) New wood floor fitted thro' both rooms.
10)New skirting cut & fitted.
11)New curtain poles fitted.
12)Chairs, couch, etc. fitted with pads to stop damaging new floors !
13)Old kitchen ripped out with all the resulting mess everywhere ,.., Steptoe expanded his yard !
14)New Kitchen fitted ,, well almost !
15)New electrics wired ,.,. fuse box replaced, ring mains renewed, overhead light changed ,, all appliances fitted & wired. ( inc, new gas hob with hood, double oven cooker, micro wave, washing machine, dishwasher, Fridge / Freezer and under cabinet lighting )
16)New tiles fitted in kitchen.
17)Kitchen flooring cut & laid ( and that tells nothing of the pain involved in that little exercise ! )
18)Kitchen fitters return to finish off cornices, kick plates etc, ( supplied wrongly originally ! )
19)New Kitchen skirting fitted.
20)New Kitchen radiator & blind fitted.

All the above of course required moving carpets, furniture etc, constantly sweeping up dust, not to mention numerous visits to Wood yards, B & Q ,,, etc. Looking & finding new "matching" accessories ,, viz, kettle, toaster, knife block ! et al ..

You think that's all ??
No, in the middle of all that we also wallpapered, painted and moved furniture & books in 5-rooms in my daughter's house !

You think that's it all finished now ?
Nope again ,,, we already have the wallpaper & paint for our own bedroom upstairs ,,, and of course this will also require a change of carpet, curtains and on & on ,,,with a spill over from our room to re carpet & curtain the small spare room ,,,
Does it ever end ?? ( that's a simpleton's rhetorical question only btw! )
I don't only doubt it .,,. I know it doesn't !

Oh did I mention our plans for a new upstairs bathroom !!!!

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