Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Busy Day !

I've been a very busy boy today .,.,.,
I've read a lot of book ,,, a brilliant page turner that I'm almost finished now ,, but of course I want the joy of the actual finishing read in bed ,, later ?
So ,,, I've watched footie on TV too ,,,
I've kept myself quietly "out of the way" in a corner of the room.
We're having visitors later today for dinner ( & drinkies of course ! ) Oh and to watch ( & listen to ) that damned concert again !!
This is the night I predicted in my earlier blog .,., J & S are coming to do Cliffie !!
OMG I'm thinking ,, not again ,,,Yawn ,,,, this'll be 31/2 times I've been subjected to this !!
Anyway, what crossed my mind & worthy of a blog mention I thought was ,,,
Have you ever watched these footie managers ,, ? well of course you have ,, the constant gum chewing the eyes popping, the red angry faces, the swearing at the ref ,, .,.,
Aye, all of that stuff you've seen before .,.,
But .,., Today was slightly different .,.,
I watched first the game Liverpool V Everton ,, a local derby no less .,., top billing !
Managers Raffa Benitez and David Moyes were there, on the touchline the whole game ,,, shouting, cajoling, shaking heads, chewing ,, AND getting soaking wet ! Yeah, it was absolutely chucking it down and there they were, standing out on the very edge of their permitted areas getting lashed on, one wore a silly baseball cap ,, and a shortie coat !! !
The beloved was making ready for her guests ,, ( well she's the Cliff fan not me ! ) hoovering, dusting, polishing, cleaning glass, changing bathroom towels ! setting the table, etc, etc, .,.,
So yep, I helped ,,, I watched the Chelsea V Arsenal game too !.,.,., another local derby !
Still pissing it down from the heavens ,, and another pair of crazy soaking wet managers running the line ???
This time Arsene Venger in shortie anorak, bare head .,., it had a hood but did he have the gumption to put it up ?? ( French, so with a head start on dumb ) and Carlo Ancelotti ( Italian so not far behind the Frog ? ) Versace coat with woolen beenie hat ,, such STYLE !! .,., and again both of them looking like droont rats long before the first goal was scored .,.,
Now these are supposedly (semi) intelligent human beings wouldn't you think .,., bloody high earners at least .,., and not one of the four with common sense enough to buy a BROLLIE ?? Eh ???
I noticed yesterday that the Clever One ,, ( might even have been called the Special One if yon good looking Portugese hadn't beaten him to it ! ), the manager of the century apparently, at least had the forsight and brains to get himself banned from the touchline for four games ,,, ie The Rainy Period !! What a guy ?
But then again what would you expect ,, He is SCOTTISH after all :-)
PS : I haven't mentioned to her .,., I'm off for a quick shower ,,, before the Real Madrid V Barcelona local derby game starts !! Tee-hee-hee .,.,., wonder if it's raining in Spain ??

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