Thursday, November 26, 2009

When will this nonsense end ?

And now talking serious brainwashing of our kids !
I read somewhere this week ( although I try hard never to look at such rubbish .,., See Al, I'm calming down ,, a few weeks back that would have been, such utter SHITE ! ) that that plastic titted ignoramus of a woman ? was getting paid £350,000 for carrying on like the fool she is and eating bugs in the jungle !! Jesus .,., save us from such stupidity !
I also saw, the same source obviously, that these two talentless little boys from the X-factor are now set to make £10 million in the next year .,.,., ?? For what for God's sake ?? They're not intelligent enough even to be let loose on children's TV .,., and I mean 2-year olds Tv ! I certainly wouldn't let any of my grandwe'ans watch them .,., lest they too become brainless by association !
These figures are absolutely disgusting .,., I worked ( and bloody hard ) for 40 years and never came anywhere near to having £350 K, let alone £10 M in the bank on retiring !!
What kind of message is this sending to our young folks ? Study, work hard, get a Uni degree ?? I don't think so .,., Bum about with your Hoodie pals, queue up with all the other idiots and get onto X-factor or some such garbage "show" .,., make a total arse of yourself and live like a King ,, well for a month or two anyway !
Simon Cowell and his like should be hounded out of the country .,., they are DUMBING DOWN our youth ! And of course our equally dumb & useless Government lets this happen .,., over & over ,, witness for example how our TV screens have been taken over .,., Gambling stations are impossible to avoid .,., poker, blackjack, roulette are now work substitutes apparently !
Talent-less shows mug us at every turn ,,, and poison our children's minds .,.,
God help us !! We are en route to Sodom & Gomorrah !
It really is time the silent majority got their act together and put a halt to this awful state of affairs !
Let's get that pendulum swinging back to real values, before it's too late .,., or have the Loonies already taken over the Asylum ?


Phyl said...

Yeah - I'm so glad Thomas and I have 17 years of uni and 25 years publishing experience between us and are currently managing less than the minimum wage trying to run our own company with no evenings or weekends off...

Alistair said...

Hullo you,

Oh dear Scudder - where do I start with this one?


Aye, right. Here we go then....

1} Putting your swearin' in brackets disnae necessarily qualify you for calmin doon.
2} You obviously dinnae try hard enough tae avoid stories like you are commentin oan here.
3} Her tits are silly cone no plastic.
4} I think 350k wus jist the sign up fee and she wis probably gettin an episode fee tae
5}I'm completely wi ye that most reality TV is utter p**h, but some stuff like 'secret millionaire' can be both entertaining and uplifting at times - but even that is limited.
6} Simon Cowell is a very clever man and an expert manipulater of the masses. He should be put against the wall and shot or locked in a tiny room with an unconnectable laptop and a mobile phone without a battery, and have auditions played to him 24/7 for the next 5 centuries while only having a broken mirror to use to shave. - aye and somebody should shred his T shirts and high waistline troosers.
7} number 6 should be syndicated worldwide as ultimate reality TV. - only on FREEVIEW.
8}The twins canny help it. Their Irish mother wis obviously terrified by two short planks while they were in the womb.
9} I would pay 10 million anytime if they would just F right off. Alternatively I would like to see them host programmes where they learn to pack their own parachutes or swim with great white sharks dressed as seals having been punched really hard on the nose.
10}We were always underpaid.
11} Gambling stations have only really taken the place of bingo halls and the bookies so no great loss there. Just dont let them take away our real opiates of the masses - gowf and fishing.
12} The silent masses are never going to do anything. They have been dumbing down for generations and are conditioned to comply with the lowest possible denominator.
13}You and I are going to have to lead a coup.

Soddem.....and Tomorra

p.s. bit worried about your daughter. 17 years at uni? Did the pair o them get stuck in the revolvin door or wis it jist a helluva party dude. ha ha...

curmudgeonly yours.......Al.

Alistair said...

Sorry - me again. Never get it right first time.....

If you feel like this again, think of poo Katie Price.