Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Boy time .,., again :-(

Soon I'll be yet one more year older ,, Arghhhhhhhh
It seems to have been happening for weeks this bloody birthday and it's not even a "special" one !!
I first discovered my beloved had bought me a brilliant new camera when the confirmation letter / bill flew through the letterbox a few weeks ago. I've been reading about all it's features & functions since but trying not to use it too much before the actual birthday day ,,,,
Yesterday I was sitting quietly reading when all hell broke loose and ALL my grandchildren and their mothers & fathers arrived out of the blue ! That's all 10- of them !! Oor wee living room just isnae big enough, but I made sure of retaining my seat by simply not moving !
It's very funny actually watching them all vieing for a place to park their bums .,., every time someone moved, another bum was promptly parked in the vacated seat ,, I eventually became quite confused though .,., trying to hold a conversation with any one of them became a case of following them around the room .,., first they're on the couch, then an easy chair, next a dining room chair,, then the floor ,,, phew ,, it's tiring this game of birthday musical chairs !

Anyway, the big kids ,,, #'s 1, 2 & 3 on my daughter's side, came to give me an early card & presents since they will be away in France with their dad next week on my actual birthday day !
So it was lovely ,, they even bought me stuff with their own money so I guess they really do love their old Pumpa ! Thanks guys ,, your pressies were great .,., and just a wee word to each of you,
Pumpa loves y'all too :-)

The son and his family had just dropped in for a coffee and a blether so I guess I have another birthday day to look forward to next week ? :-)
This birthday is turning into the longest one ever ,,, total time celebrating this is now looking like some 5- weeks !
Now I know how Queenie must feel with all her different birthday days !
Come to think of it, haven't seen her card yet ?


Alistair said...

So, not only do we think alike but we share the same birthday month!

Have a great one Dougie. Hope it's as good as mine was.

Awrra best ma man......


Blakesmommy2008 said...

Well happy birthday!