Sunday, April 04, 2010

That was the week that was ! ( or TW3 if you're old enough ! )

The way we are .,., to the way we were ! In only a few short years !!

Well it's almost over.
The week of the mighty celebrations and silliness !
Soon I can get back on my oh so necessary DIET ! ( the underpants are killing me again ! )
Thursday 1st. ,, well what can I say ?.,., all the Fools were let out of the asylum for a morning ; special mention to our new'ish son-in-law for trying to convince us that Tories Ken Clarke & John Redwood and even Labour's John Cruddas had defected to the Lib/Dems ! Ehhh ?
Good try Thomas but with Ken Clarke you blew it !
Good Friday 2nd. saw us unable to get tickets for Chris Rea in concert at the Glasgow SECC, however not to be beaten for lack of a wee bit entrance paper we invited our friends & fellow disappointed fans J & S to come round and share a Chinese Take-Away while we listened to Chris Rea Cd's and got quietly plastered !! ( No need to drive home from this gig ! )
Saturday 3rd. and next came our wedding anniversary,,,
I find it hard to believe myself but today we have been married for ( let me just check it again ! ) .,., yip it was 1965 ,, so 45-years !! ( Hey, she was obviously a baby snatcher ,, or I was a child bride or something ? )
Bloody Hell, and her mother said it would never last ! Ha ..
She ( the daughter of the disbeliever, ie, the wife ) tells me this anniversary is something called Sapphire .,. I have absolutely no idea what she's talking about :-)
Next up, Monday 5th. and the anniversary of my being ,, or is it my coming ? ... Naw, I'm definitely no' HIM !
In any event this will be the actual Birthday day, not like one of Queeny's pseudo days .,., this is the real thing ! and NO, it's NOT the big Seven Ohhh as some cheeky b*****d so insulting asked .,., I'm much younger than that ,, years in fact ! Look at me for God's sake ,, do I look like an OLDIE ?!! Aw, really ??
Jumping back a day now, to Sunday 4th. ,, today in fact ! ,, the family Clan are a gathering, coming over ( the son & family ) & up ( the daughter & family ) to celebrate with the old folks and have a bit of a dinner ( and no doubt more drinkies ! .,., OK that's it ! ... this diet is now officially ,,, eh, Banjaxed ! )
Anyway, the problem with this momentous week is .,., the FOOD !! ( oh aye and the hooch ! )
I tried staying true to the good Doc. Atkins but temptation lay all around me ,, I really never stood a chance ,, a Chinese take-away for 4 ( I don't know how these Orientals are all so bloody thin ,, this meal always feeds at least 6 if not 8 ! )
An anniversary meal at our local pub/restaurant .,., a surf n' turf fit for a big guy ! But we were good ,, we opted for NIL PUD !! The wine was lovely and the apr├ęs digestif liquer(s) were superb, but have already gone straight to the hips !!
And so to this Happy Anniversabirthday treat today ,,, Oh Jings !!
Hic, the aperitifs have started flowing already .,., so I'm off to indulge ,, just one more time !!
Honest !! See you again next week Doc. !!

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Alistair said...

Luvvly Jubbly!

Glad you've had a good week, have a good day in store and a burfday tomorrow. Glad you remained true to the spirit if not the substance of the diet by abstaining from the puds - if your like me though and not particularly sweet toothed, it's not too hard - and that the wine in your life, like your good wife no doubt, is fine. {sh'es not changed much from the wadding photy has she? You either, Um - that's s lie! }

Awra best....Al