Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung !

Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where the burdies is ?
The burd is on the wing ,,,
Now that's absurd ,,
The wing is on the burd !!
Boom-boom !!
And so it has come to pass ,,, Easter has come & gone .,., Now is the time !
Spring cleaning, moving stuff, decorating and all that jazz, is on the mind of yon burd wat I married all dem years ago !!
The bedroom needs decorating ,,, What again ?! ( it can't be more than 10-years since I last slaved away in there .,., not counting the sex of course .,., Yo ,, think that calls for another Boom-boom, don't you ? )
The hall needs re done too ,,, ( What ? ,, the painter / decorator guy next door did that no more than ,, was it ? oh that long !! .,., and then of course we promised ourselves a complete new bathroom upstairs after we bought the new kitchen !
So, this afternoon I've been moving stuff .,., chest of drawers from here to there, big storage cupboard from there to here, and naturally all the stuff that was inside these units is now being sifted, discarded or re situated.
I've come to the conclusion ,,, I know, it's taken me a while ,,, but ,,, A married man's work is never ending .,., we're akin to Forth Road Bridge painters ! .,., wonder if our single cousins act out this Spring ritual ?
Anyway I know my next few days on the golf course will be soooo tolerated ,,, the beloved will be in her element now for days on the above sifting, binning, cleaning & re cycling to locations afresh !
All I need concern myself with now is her finding the "right" wallpaper & paint !!
Oh aye, and ye might notice .,.,I've also done a wee Spring clean oan ma blog page in case ye didnae recognise me !

1 comment:

Alistair said...

When the time for Spring is sprung,
Sprinkle ev'rything with dung.....

Ah, Decorating.....

That's what us guys did before Golf and Fishing was invented surely.

Times have moved on. We dont expect them to throw the meat on the fire any more - we have 'techinology' and gie them ovins an stuff.

That's whit decorators - and sons in law - are for surely!

Nice one El Scud.