Friday, April 09, 2010

Here it is then Al !

I've NOT been asked to go into my photo folders open up the first folder, publish the tenth photo from the folder regardless of what it is and give a wee explanation of what the photo is all about, but I'm doing it anyway !!
The photo is my mum, dad & a camera shy little me aged about 4 ( circa 1947 'ish ) with my auntie Cissie ( mum's older sister ) & her sugar-daddy hubby Chay close behind.
It was taken in Arbroath where the auntie & uncle lived.
And now I've to nominate 5 more folk to do the same.
In effect, a chain letter/email. Like the above mentioned ( you can call him Al ! )I can't stand those 'if you don't do this something really bad will happen to a loved one' kind of nonsense so they all go into the bin - even if this isn't that kind of rubbish, being simply the sharing of random potentially entertaining, or interesting, information.
So I nominate Phyl, Thomas, Derek, WeeAnne & any A.N.Other to do their stuff & keep Al happy


Alistair said...

Hullo El Scud,

I almost did tag you on this!

Nice photo - you have to love those breeks, don't you....

Obviously greetin cos yer Maw stole yer ba'.....

Promise I'll tag you on the next one then if you'll gather up those toys and put them back in the pram!

The Scudder said...

Ok ,, toys all back in the pram now !
Obviously it goes without saying .,., this 1947 shot is NOT one of my photos ! :-)

Phyl said...

Happy to do it once I get home but haven't got my photo albums here... unless you want one of my hols.