Sunday, April 18, 2010

So where's the help ?

Great intit !?
A wee bit of ASH and the country is on it's knees ,,,
Bet old Adolf wishes he'd thought of it !
But doesn't it surprise you that no bugger is lifting a finger to help those thousands of stranded passengers all over Europe ??
Not the Airlines ( who've taken more than their fair share of profit for many a long year),,
Not the Uk Government ( who've encouraged them ! and who should be doing something with a General Election coming up right on the back of this fiasco )
Not the Euro Parliament, nor the individual European country governments .,.,
No Sir ,,, you flew overseas for pleasure at Easter then you can find your own way back ,,, no matter the inconvenience ,, no matter the cost !
OK, so I have an axe to grind ,, half my daughter's family are stranded with her in Denmark ,, and the other half of her family are equally stranded but in France with their father ,,
It's bloody high time the airlines faced up to their responsibilities and at the very least laid on a few BUSES !! For Christ's sake .. how much can that cost ?
And aye they are suffering some losses at the moment but bet your very last Euro they'll pass that on to us sooner rather than later ,,, Just watch air fares rocket real soon now !
And you know what .,., if they increase by as much as a half a Euro they can shove their 'planes where the sun don't shine ! And I'll be wanting a refund on my new EXPENSIVE PASSPORT as well, since I can't use it ( no I'm not about to drive or take a slow boat to the far continent thanks very much ! )
A final message just in from Iceland :
"Leave £30Bn in used notes in a bag behind the Icelandic Embassy in London and we'll turn off the Volcano !"
Somebody ,, please ,, give them the cASH !!

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