Saturday, July 03, 2010

Phew, A'm fair wabbit !

Such a sporting few weeks we're having !
I've barely had time for my warm-down before I'm off again on another warm-up !
World Cup footie 3 times a day, Wimbledon all day, Golf tournaments every night .,., the final days of the Open de France & the AT & T National, the Scottish Open about to start, the John Deere Classic just about underway, the US Women's Open, .,.,.,
Not to mention my very own Cowglen Seniors Open this coming Wed. ! ,,
And of course if you're some kind of masochist there's even thon English bat & ba' games to watch !
A'm fair wabbit oot already !
And we still have all the big finals to come .,., Argentina surely must win the World Cup now that Brazil are gone ? With work horses Carlos Tevez & Lionel Messi how can they fail ?
And talking work horses, who is gonna dare take the Wimbledon crown from the fastest, hardest hitter in the business, the meanest little street fighter I've ever seen on a tennis court ,, Rafa Nadal ? This guy will run 'til his lungs burst, and he'll bite your leg off if you get in his way ,, what an incredible talent ! Nobody can match him this year, can they ?
Talking of English ba' games btw, have we all heard that OXO have introduced a new white cube, with a red cross on the wrapping ,,, to show support for the loser boys of the English world cup footie ., it's called ,, wait for it !
The Laughing Stock !! Yo ,,,
Anyway, who will win the Scottish Open ? Mmmmm, that's a little more difficult to predict ,,
But the Cowglen Seniors ?? Well I'm not one for bragging but I am one for trying !!
Watch this space, you just never know ! I was runner up last time out !

Writer's Footnote : Well, so much for the mighty Argentina .,.,
Don't fancy your chances much now Rafa !
And I'm saying nothin' on the seniors Open front !!


Alistair said...

Wow - lovin' the new look here Scudder.

nice job!!!

Anonymous said...

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