Monday, July 12, 2010

Wartime PM Winston Churchill's false teeth go up for auction !!

Now I've seen everything .,., and there was me thinking I couldn't live long enough to do that !

FALSE teeth worn by Winston Churchill during some of his most famous World War II speeches are to be auctioned off.
Eh? Whose mooth will they fit ,, how will they know before buying them ??

The gold-mounted dentures - one of three sets made for the wartime PM - are expected to fetch £5000.
Christ, nearly as dear as the current NHS version !

Churchill was said to have made sure he had several sets after breaking some in a fit of temper and being left unable to talk.
Temper, temper Mr. C ! It's nae wonder that Mr. Hitler got angry wi' ye.

Each was specially designed to retain his vocal tones as he inspired the nation in the darkest days of its fight against Nazi Germany.
Ah, that must be why I talk differently from how I used to ,, mine weren't "specially designed" other than to fit the mooth !

One set went with Churchill to his grave and another was donated to the Royal College of Surgeons' museum where they are tagged: "The teeth that saved the world."
See ,, ah huv seen everything !!
The third set was given back to dental technician Derek Cudlipp who made them.
They are now being sold by his son Nigel.
So hurry along to the auction folks ,,, you wouldn't want to miss a "golden"opporchancity like this ?
Hahahahaha ,, it's true then ,, the world has gone doo-lally ?

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Alistair said... the world.......of human dentistry........has so much been so few {sets}.