Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do take a wee Walk on the Wild Side

I have just spent a wonderful 30-minutes in front of the TV, possibly the funniest 1/2 hour I've had for quite a long time.
I caught this little gem of a programme on BBC1 his ( purely by happenchance ) .,.,
It was called ,, "Walk on the Wild Side" ,,, 5-30pm Sat.
I do hope it's a series & not a one off ! ( Och Shit ! just checked & it is indeed on BBC iPlayer but tonight's episode was #4 ,, of Series 2 !! .,.,
Oh well, I guess that just means I have a lot of iPlayer watching ahead of me !! )
Anyway, now that y'all know it's available on iPlayer I highly recommend you ( my followers ! ) to have a wee look .,.,
I will accept thank-you comments from each & every one .,.,
Go on ,, you know you can't resist a wee goosey, goosey gander ?
Take my word for it initially at least .,.,.,
You WILL want to see this .,., it's hilarious .,., honest !
Enjoy .........

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