Thursday, October 14, 2010

We were only TWO of the 1000 Million !

Yesterday was a historic day.
Yesterday the beloved & I watched in awe ( & tears ) as the first of the Chilean miners emerged from Hell.
Last night, around 2-am, I witnessed, again with the beloved by my side, the last and possibly the most courageous man of them all, exit from the cage they called The Fenix. He was Luis Urzua, the gaffer, the boss man who steered them through that first nightmare 17-days when the world didn't know if they were alive or dead, and they in turn didn't know if the world would ever find them. He was the Captain of the ship. A leader of extraordinary character, deserving of his country's highest honour. He should have been knighted ( or whatever is the Chilean equivalent ) as he stepped out of that capsule.
A global audience of 1000 million ( yeah one thousand million souls ! ) tuned in to watch this wonderful, magnificent rescue triumph. This was perhaps the greatest spectacle I have ever been privy to  ,, a mark of our world finally coming of age as a humanitarian civilisation?
Well done the rescuers ... you guys have restored my faith in humanity.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.

Alistair said...

You can see what this story has done for the Chilean people. It seems to have drawn everyone together to the common purpose of getting these guys out.

The benefit ongoing of that could be huge if the govt is able to maintain the momentum. For once everyone is positive and has been thinking of others instead of the 'me first' scenario.

On a wider scale, the whole word has had an injection of optimism - an that can't be bad can it.

nice post Scudder.