Friday, April 01, 2011

A Short but Funny Wee Tale from the Bedroom !

I've developed a shake !
Another of the dreaeded "Side Effects" I guess ,, you'll  notice there's never any mention of "front effects" or "back efffects" ,,  It's always side effects !
Anyway this "shake" takes the form of a short duration but quite violent & uncontrollable twitching of the foot ! ( generally only one at any given time ? )
Unusually for me, :-(  I was having a wee moan about this after it woke me with a start in bed .,.,
"Bloody pills" I muttered in the B-loved's ear .,., "must talk to the Doc about how to get rid of this ...."
God bless her quick wit,.,.,. in a flash, at 3-am she turned and looked at me and said .,.,.,
Och, Away and join Riverdance !
A hearty slap on the butt and we were both in tears of laughter again .,.,
It's becoming a night time tonic, this middle of the night giggling :-)

1 comment:

Alistair said...

Aye I bet you've given her a laugh in the night many a time!!!!!

Nice one Ann. {It's the little things eh-no}