Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Scudder's Back !

My friend from the East set me off again ,, thinking, and that's not always a good thing !

I would like some Politician to answer the following questions / statements of facts ... IF THEY CAN !
What idiot brain box ( or was it a Government "Think-Tank" ? ) thought it was a good idea to price our students out of University ? Can you imagine having a noose round your neck to the tune of approx. £70 grand ( including bank Interest ! ) 'til you're in your 50's .,., what chance a mortgage, kids, ( with no chance of a UNI placement of course !! ) as well ??
This has simply put a Uni education beyond most folks ,,, not, of course those same politico families, foreign despots weans and maybe Mafia God Father's offspring !
OK, tell me why DUMBING down our country even further is a good idea ?

Here's another joke that I can't quite get !  How come if we are going thro' the worst recession in the last 50-years or so, can we always find £BILLIONS to send in aid to any foreign outstreached hand ??
We give money to so called 3rd. world countries who are nowadays better off than us ,,, For example we still hand out aid to China who are currently building the worlds fastest, most advanced passenger train service .,.,., India ,, not only do we give them money, but all our jobs too ,, and even train them to do them ( badly ! )  We've been pouring cash into Africa for the past 30-years ( at least ).,., anybody ever see these Africans doing any work with our money ?? you know, building housing, roads, schools etc ,,, NOPE, me neither , but boy are they great at sitting about on their lazy arses with the pair mooth  look .,.,., Oh aye, and all these poor aids infected weans ( on average it looks like about 8 per family !! ) So now at least we know what work they're good at ,,, BUT I'd rather they did that on their own cash rather than mine ! More hard graft building up their country's infrastructure & less shagging might help ?
And we further support these people with obscene £Millions every bloody Red Nose Year !!.,., while our own British Poor are getting poorer !

And still talking recession .,., why don't we ever get a Government with the balls needed to simply put a STOP to the bankers ( that we bailed out ! ) paying themselves criminally excessive salaries .,., and bonuses should not be allowed 'til they've paid us all back for our loan ? What's difficult in that ?

Then there's the highest taxed petrol in the civilsed world ! Incompetent, greedy, useless Politicos again .,.,
These petrol tax levels are obscene and MUST be changed ,, DOWN !!
Why not use the African / Indian / Chinese aid money to reduce OUR home TAXES ??
Or maybe ( again a proper Government required unfortunately ) our football clubs should never be allowed to be owned by foreign rich people .,., and for Christ's sake get a ceiling ( and I mean hugely lower, sensible wages consistent with the ability to kick a ball two or three days a week ! ) on daft wee boy footie players earning 10-times what the bloody Prime Minister earns !  And while we're on the subject, why are all our teams using ptractically exclusively FOREIGN players .,., This is sure doing wonders for our home International teams .,., NOT !  Get these immigrant players back to a max. of two or three per team.

I could go on ( and probably will later ! ) but for now I'm off to watch the cup final !
But one last very serious thought / comment  .,.,
If I was a younger man there's only one thing I'd consider doing in this country .,.,
and that's EMIGRATE !

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Phyl said...

Definitely back to your usual self dad! ;-)