Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strange Experiences ?

Had a strange wee experience last night in bed !!
My dodgy stomach started on one of its long rumbles ,,, nothing painful, just noisy !
The rumble rolled round my lower intestines and up past my left side kidney, over the liver and finally down to my heart ,,,,, ( see how I've learned where stuff is located in there :).
At this point the noise stopped abruptly and I swear I heard this .,.,., in a wee Glesca punter voice .,
My heart actually spoke to me ,, It said Hello ,, a wee up on the hel and down on the lo .,., It was so clear and unmistakably a voice that I actually looked over to make sure the beloved was sound asleep before I ANSWERED !!  I said Hello back .,., Am I losing it ??

So while we're on the subject, the last two / three weeks have been bad ones .,., firstly a nasty little chest infection ( treated with antibiotics ) delayed my Chemo session by a week ,,  the anti B's loosened my already loose bowels so I countered with loads of Imodium ( as directed by my local GP )
All the while the pain in my gut was getting steadily worse .,., The Imodium finally did the trick after about a week ,,, However I then went into a constipation week ,, which was even worse on the gut pain .,.,
Now, to the point of this wee tale .,., At about the same time as the loose / tight bowels started I felt a funny pins & needles / numb feeling .,., wait for it ,, on the outside of my left arm, just above the elbow !
A very odd sensation indeed but again not painful, just kinda dead, numb to the touch ,, Oh and itchy  .,., that's what brought it to my attention in the first place ,,scratching it but not feeling it ?
Anyway, here's the strange bit ! Immediately following the cure of the constipation ( achieved by drinking the awful Movicol for a few days ) and blast off was resumed, the numb feeling disappeared ????
This puts a whole new slant on the old saying, commented the beloved in bed that night ,, leaving both of us giggling like a pair of old loonies .,., in her own inimitable way she told me ,,,
I always knew you didn't know your arse from your elbow !!  


Phyl said...

Nice to see you can still laugh :-D

Alistair said...

Brilliant! I nearly wet myslf imagining conversations between you and your internal organs. I can just see you trying to talk to your heart but deperately not wanting Ann to wake up and ask who you're talking to.


And it's great you can still laugh!