Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cloves of Garlic and Cows !

I heard on the radio this morning that if someone rubs Garlic on their feet you can smell it on their breath minutes later ! Now this may well be true ,,, but it's the age old question again ,, isn't it ?

How did they ever find this out in the first place ?? And ,, Why on earth were folk rubbing garlic on their feet anyway ??

It's like ,, how did the first person ever find out about getting milk from a cow ,,,

and just what did they think they were doing at the time anyway !!!

Mmmmmm ....

Oh there's the answer now ,,, garlic on the feet stopped marching soldier's feet from getting foot sores, etc ,,,, but again one has to ask ??? How on earth was this discovered ? :) I mean would you think to try something this weird ,, or am I just a boring old no fun fuddy-duddy.

Answers on a post card please !!

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