Thursday, January 11, 2007

A little thing from tosmorning's Paper ,.,.

Earning their stripes :
We have all heard the tales of apprentices being sent to the storeroom for tartan paint and so on, but reader Dave King tells us a variation where a techie teacher ( could it be that nice Mr. Brooks ? ) at an approved school would send a pupil to obtain a tin of striped paint from the stores. The more clever pupils would argue there was no such thing, so the teacher would march the boy there, where the storeman –( in on the gag of course )– would produce a previously prepared tin of paint which had been secretly divided down the middle with a tin plate so that it had black paint in one half and white in the other.The teacher would pick up a brush, dip it in the tin, paint a black and white stripe on the lad's arm and then tell him, eyeball to eyeball :

"Never doubt my word again sonny."

Oh, happy days !

Admit it Mr. B ,, it was you wasn’t it ???

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