Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spot the Flaw ?

Strange how the dummies in our society ALWAYS seem to be elected to office in our political system isn't it ? Cooncillors or Mp's ,, there's no difference ,,,

They firstly tried to get parents to stop driving their kids to school of a morning to lessen the congestion on our roads, especially around school areas ,,, so to encourage this they promptly whack up the charge on the school buses ,,,, yep they did ... DOH !

Now, today they have banned parents from the said buses unless they ( the parents ) have a £20 criminal background test done !!! Doh, Doh Doh ,,,, and we let these people look after our children and decide our laws ,, Jesus help us ! If they weren't so bloody stupid they'd be funny :)
And notice too how ANYONE else in the community can see how idiotic this all is.


Phyl said...
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Phyl said...

Yes, amazingly last term East Renfrewshire council changed its free school bus for kids living between 1 and 3 miles from a primary school to charging 80p per kid per trip - ie a colossal £304 a year for my 2 kids as against last year's bill of £0. When the school bus uptake dropped from 40 pupils a day to 1 they were actually surprised! Now 39 cars more wait outside the school as it is too far for a 6 year old to walk, esp in the dark and the rain while the big shiny empty bus drives past them! And they think this is sensible.