Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Daughter Doesn't Do TV !

I've raised a strange one indeed .,,. perhaps even the pair !
The daughter has just done one of her Rants ,,, oh, sorry, I mean Blogs !!
It seems she has absolutely no time for Television ,, ( after that nice Logie-Baird chap spending so much of his time and energy inventing it too :) ) No appreciation some folk !
Her brother similarly seems to have little time for ACTUAL TV .,,. although he does use the big screen in his living room corner constantly ,,, however, in his case mainly for inane, banal, mind numbing Wii, Xbox, PS3 games etc, !
A strange pair indeed ,,,
I myself watch probably too much Television ,.,. and I would generally agree ,, much of it is utterly insulting to the intelligence ,, a constant barrage of Dumbing Down that has reduced our once great Nation to a now Moronic state ,, ( patently the DD TV is winning !! )
However, contrary to Phyllis' beliefs I feel I must say a word in Mr. Logie-Baird's defence. There IS some good TV still, if you just look for it and be very selective.
Some very informative, educational documentaries & stunning nature stuff .,,.
Real comedy ,, the kind that makes you laugh deeply from the belly and fall off your chair ,,,
and the most wonderful musical evenings are to be had ,, from rock to opera with everything in-between.
Programmes to let you visit the far corners of the world you might otherwise never see ,,
World news ( but definitely NOT the insular BBC of course )
The knack is indeed as the wise daughter says ,, to only switch on when there is something you REALLY want to see !
Now if we could all do that, the TV companies might finally get the message and start the pendulum moving again ... let's all join in and start our country Dumbing UP !

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Phyl said...

The problem is the number of channels - the effort needed to find the one decent programme out of 100 isn't worth the pay off.