Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Bastards are at it ,,, again !

You won't believe this ,,, :>(
It was bad enough when Penguins got smaller, ( the biscuit that is, not the cute wee guys that walk about the Arctic ! ) & our beloved Mars Bars shrunk.
Marathon did a swift name change & also started to grow backwards in size ( a bit like that curious Benjamin Button ! ) I haven't bought one since !
I even recently found a bag of the we'an's sweeties double wrapped ,.., to add to the weight no doubt and give the poor we'an one sweetie less in her packet.
But now the bastards have gone too far ,,,
My decorating assistant ( the wife paster { non religious of course } ) & I have spent some time choosing new wallpaper to re-decorate our living & bedrooms. Having now purchased umpteen rolls, we find to our horror that we are short ,,,, each bloody roll is 1/2" narrower than the ones we've just taken off the walls !
How low can these people go ?
Did anyone in the wallpaper shop advise us of these new sizes ?
Aye sure they did ( NOT ! ) ,,
& I'll lay odds they're also shorter in length when I get round to checking ,,,
A shower of bloody thieves & charlatans.
If I now can't match the batch number on any extra rolls I might need, they'll bloody hear from my lawyer !

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