Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I suppose I should have known !

Read a story today in the newspaper ,.,.,. Some reporter or other was going on again about us rough, hairy arsed Scots and our habit of going Commando when kilted.
All the reasons for and the rights of our forefathers ( and ourselves today of course) to behave in this manner were dragged out and aired again ,, ( aired indeed Ha ,,, )
However .,.,., after the rights came the wrongs !
I have to state right here and now ,,, and not because I have just bought my own kilt this past week, that I will NEVER ,, ever again hire a kilt !
The newspaper article was trying to convince us that for cleanliness sake & common decency it would be good if we finally put this ancient custom to bed,.., Fair enough ,,, that's one viewpoint I guess ( English probably and without the necessary manly equipment I figured ) but alas no !
There was then a footnote from one of our leading menswear Kilt hire outfitters ,,, who explained ,, and in graphic detail, about all the exceedingly badly stained & soiled kilts they receive back the day after Scottish Wedding nights !!! It seems the cost of hire could be reduced substantially if the boys would just wear a pair of underpants & save the laundry bills ,..,.,
Oh Yuk ,,, like I said ,, Never Again !


Phyl said...

Thomas was asking only last week if pants were a must under a borrowed kilt!

The Scudder said...

Who's gonna police such a must !