Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yawn, yawn, yawn,,,,, Zzzzzzzz

Yeah it's election day ,, again ,, Can anything be more boring ?!
So, I've decided to take my good lady out for the day ,, we're off down the coast 'till it's all over .,., well to miss most of it anyway.
In all my years I don't think I've ever seen a more incompetent bunch of politicos .,., strikes me they couldn't blow their own bloody nose without help. ( and bloody noses is what they all deserve ) So, after much thought, NONE of them will get my vote ,,, first time in 50 years I've done that .,., but I WILL visit the Polling station and register my utter disgust & contempt for them. After all they should be told how the voters think ?
I used to believe that voting was something you absolutely MUST do ,, people had fought & died to ensure we all had this right ,,, BUT did they ever consider that there would come a day when there wasn't a single honest, worthy, wannabee politician in the land ?
No, neither did I ,,, sad isn't it ?


Alistair said...

I was the first one in the polling station when it opened at 7am so I could get it over and done with. Voted Lib-Dem this time instead of my usual as a protest vote.

Enjoy your day.......

Phyl said...

Fair enough but don't dare complain about anything for the next five years - you only have yourself to blame.
Chomsky said: "Choosing the lesser of two evils isn't a bad thing. The cliché makes it sound bad, but it's a good thing. You get less evil."
For that reason I will vote for the least evil - always... mine and my kids' futures are at stake.

Phyl said...

PS Visiting the polling station is pathetically pointless - as Thomas says - he's often counted votes at Danish elections - spoilt papers are simply binned by a nobody like himself and no one beyond the room even looks at what is written - they'll be binned with those of people who filled the paper in wrongly with the best intention of voting so not taken as a protest in any way.

The Scudder said...

I've compained about these people all my life ,, and I certainly won't stop now ,,no matter who wins !
Why should I chose a lesser evil ,,I don't want evil running my country ,,
Nor do I care if anyone reads my critique .,., that's one of my complaints ,, they don't bloody listen to the people who give them their jobs ! But I got some satisfaction from destroying it !

Phyl said...

Well the reason I chose to vote for a 'lesser evil' is maybe self-centred. When Thomas lost his job we saved (and continue to save) our house and therefore our kids' school places thanks to the tax credit system introduced by labour, supported by libdems and opposed by tories. If the tories had been in power for the last 2 years I would have lost what I worked 20 years to build up, losing precious time with my babies to build it up. Personally I would find being homeless with 5 kids and moving them to some ghastly school too awful to contemplate - voting for people who get some things right some of the time is in my family's interest. People who don't vote for the lesser evil risk making me homeless - do you really want the 7 of us in your spare room?

The Scudder said...

Well, if you put it that way !!