Friday, December 17, 2010

Deport the Bastard ... NOW !

Amy Houston - 12-year-old girl, killed by illegal immigrant, an Iraqi Kurd ( aye well something like that ! ), a known criminal, & driving the killer car without insurance, & who has now been granted permission to stay in this country ! He's called Aso Mohammed Ibrahim ( Aso being very appropriate I thought ! ) & has convictions for drugs possession, burglary, harassment, criminal damage and theft along with a string of driving convictions. Just the sort of immigrant we want in the UK eh, Judge ?

This country's law ( or lack of justice ) has gone too far this time.

This little girl, with her whole life in front of her was killed in 2003. ( why has it taken 'til now to bring this to the public notice ? )
The driver who killed her, who had other criminal activity on his record, should have been deported years ago, but has repeatedly appealed against deportation, & now he has a family with a British woman ( although he doesn't live with them ! ) his deportation has been cancelled.

"His human rights would be impinged if he was sent back to Iraq" .... BULLSHIT ,, & who cares about his human rights anyway ?

How is this acceptable, legally or morally in so called Great Britain ?
Who allows these "human rights" lawyers to practice law in this country ?
This man had no right to be in this country, no insurance or license to drive here .,., he has the criminal record of a habitual scumbag . He's allowed to KILL an innocent child, wreck a family ,,, I could go on, but basically is allowed to stay here. This beggars belief !
I honestly despair for this country at the moment.
I'm so damned angry !  Insensed by this story.  His bloody human rights ?  Aye, I know what rights he'd have if it had been one of my kids ,,
He'd be on his way back to Iraq .,.,., in a body bag !

What about Amy's human rights ? Murdered by a piece of shit who shouldn't have been in this country in the first place and certainly shouldn't be now.
What about the human rights of her family whose lives have been irrevocably changed by the actions of this murderer ?
As ever, the victims of crime are unimportant nowadays in Britain. ( which of course is no longer great ! ) Like I said before, I just despair for my country.
Bring back JUSTICE !
And Dad ,, buy yourself a gun !

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Alistair said...

They seem to forget that with rights must come responsibility and with responsibility must come accountability.

He is a scumbag and he should have forfeited his right to stay. The problem is with so many of these 'refugees' from oppressive states that you can't check their stories other than at face value and someone has to make a decision to accept them. As things are these days no-one will make a decision that would expose themselves as being 'the one person who got it wrong'.

I'm with you though. Just because someone says they are at risk shouldn't be taken as conclusive. Just because someone has lived under an oppressive regime doesn't mean they have the right to stay here. Anyone who comes here and commits a major crime involving murder, drugs or deliberate assault with weapons or even found attempting to get weapons should be sent back without redress.

nuff said.