Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dreams & not quite awake stuff !

Since I started my "treatment" I've noticed a few strange changes ....
One, which I've been meaning to comment on is very odd indeed ,,,
It happens that I quite often have Blog / Book / Blook ideas in the dead of night when sleep is proving difficult ,, or even when seemingly fast asleep ! I've done this for years.
I used to have ideas bursting out of my head in such profusion that I had to get down on paper .,., to wit I generally kept a small notepad & pencil close by the bed.
However this need to write this stuff down ( for by morning it would simply be gone, for ever forgotten ,, that's an age thing ! ) has taken a dramatic turn ,,,
Now, instead of needing to get up & get this stuff onto paper I have developed the habit of writing it ,, there & then !  I can feel myself writing the words wherever my hand happens to be ,, on the pillow, the beloved's back ,, anywhere ,, and I can't stop myself from doing it ,, I simply must finish every word ,, it's the strangest sensation ,, I know I'm doing it but can't stop myself ? And the handwriting has to be just so ,, I can actually see myself dotting every "i" and crossing every "t" ...
Can anyone explain this phenomenon ?

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Alistair said...

Not a clue - unless it's just that deep seated mental aberration of yours coming even more to the fore!!


Talk soon.