Thursday, December 02, 2010

Why oh Why can Britain NEVER get it right ?

Here we bloody go again ,,, a wee bit of winter snow ,, yeah, surprise, surprise, it's winter again and guess what ,, it's cauld, it's snowing, we have blizzards .,., aye but we, unlike all the other really cold countries in the world can't seem to get to grips with the fact that this happens EVERY BLOODY YEAR, anytime between Nov. & about March, and  we again end up in a paralysed land, the country losing money hand over fist ,,, like we can afford that !
No planes flying, no trains, no buses, not a sensible motorist in sight ,, Not a snow chain to be seen ? WHY ???
What's the matter with this country, this government, these councils .,.,., They even sit about boasting now that they have enough salt etc, to keep the roads clear but then don't actually have the wit to get a gritter truck on the road !! Well have YOU seen any ?
It's just not good enough ,, in fact it's a disgrace ,,  Those responsible should be sacked. ( Make that should a MUST ! )
And they've all been on junkets ( at our expense ! ) to see how Canada, Russia, Scandinavia etc, just get the job done and life carries on exactly as normal ,,, snow or no snow ,,  No schools need to close, no traffic disruption, no motorists stranded overnight in cold cars, nor passengers in trains  ,, flights & bus services still run, and still ON TIME too !
So like I said at the beginning ,, Why can Britain NEVER get it right ???

PS : Oh and just to rub a tad more of that plentiful salt into the misery ,,, did y'all happen to see our ( so called ) NATIONAL News last night ? ( eh for National read BBC English news !! ) 
Well if you did you'll have noticed that the weather and all it's ramifications re transport, ( lack of ), shops running out of food, garages out of petrol, pensioners dying from hypothermia, etc,  got exactly 6-minutes total coverage !! And guess what the BIG story of the day was ,, the one that merited 18-minutes coverage .,.,., Yeah, you got it in one didn't you ?!  The englishers abysmal, failed attempt to get some footie competition staged in their back yard in 2018 !!  Glad to see they were considered ARROGANT &KNOW-ALLS & were thrown out on the 1st. ballot .,.,., It's all down to your self obsessed media guys ,,, will you never learn ,, The rest of the world doesn't like you !!

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Alistair said...

A vintage rant from The Master! I bow my head........