Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's a long way from the marriage vows to Buchanan Towers Mk. 17 !

We've been working, the beloved & I ,.., immersed in the stuff in fact ,,,
You may have read that we've been making some changes to Old Buchanan Towers ?
These changes, ( far too many to have attempted all at the same time), have just about done for us .,,. We are both physically and mentally wrecked !
We really need a holiday now ,, a quiet reflective week or two lying on a beach somewhere hot doing ,, eh nothing, well nothing more exhausting than lifting cold Gins & Tonic to the lips.
Strangely over the weeks these home improvements have been on-going
( nay, months ? ) we haven't had any massive arguments or disagreements
( although it's been a close run thing on a few occasions )
We are now within shooting distance of the goal ,, on the home run, we have our opponent on the ropes ,,, in other words ,,,, light is shining brightly at the end of yon mythical tunnel ,,, we're nearly done !
A few minor little jobs to be completed and it's all over !
Phew ,, & thank the Lord !!
We are so close that the beloved has now taken to outings with her "LIST" of new bits & pieces of trivia required ,, you know the sort of thing women do with new kitchens & living rooms ,,,
The "list" currently has some 10 items on it ,,, roller blind, bin, towel rails, soap dispenser ,, that sort of thing for the kitchen ,,, ( old stuff all the wrong colour you see ! )
Then there's vases, flowers, ornaments etc, ,, for the living room ,,,
We've been in various shops & super stores recently and come out with 8 - 10 items in our trolley ,,, so naturally I thought ,,,, Ahhh, we're nearly finished here too ,,,
but alas NO ,,,, what a silly boy I can be ,.,. still !
She actually came out of the last shop with the "LIST" in her hand and ticked off ,..,,. 2-items ,,,
( yep, that was what I said ,, TWO ! ) ,..,.,
"That's two more off the list" she announced happily ,,,
"Eh ? I could have sworn there were at least 10 items in that trolley" says I
"Yes" she replied, "but 8 of them weren't on my list !"
And today going out she blithely announced ,,, "I'm working on The New LIST now !" Heeeeellllp ,..,.,
Not long now 'till they come & take me away ,,,, haha ...........

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Phyl said...

Less of the things women do please, I've never bought a soap dish or ornament in my life, never mind a colour-coded one!