Monday, March 23, 2009

The Tale of the Missing Chisels !

Some weeks ago my daughter & her other half kindly loaned me a couple of good chisels ,,,
I can't remember for the life of me why I wanted them ,,, but I definitely wanted them and I definitely got them !
Oh, now I remember ,,, I've been decorating lately and wanted to knock down part of a stone fireplace. That was it ! I also remember using one of them to prise out the skirting boards to allow the new wallpaper to go in behind them ,, and that was AFTER the fireplace was away ,,, however, after that ,,,, senior moment BLANKSVILLE !
Oh no, I can think of one other use I had for one of them ,,, and that was prising up the dining room wood floor prior to removing it, and that was AFTER the wallpapering !
But now, said chisels have a done a disappearing act !
I, ( and the beloved ) have searched the house from top to bottom ,,, we've turned out the garage ,, we've sat down and thunk ! but still the damned elusive chisels remain awol & deep in hiding.
Of course there is the other possibility ,,, that I have indeed returned these items to their rightful owners ?
Unfortunately however, said owners do not yet have in place an orderly filing system for tools in their house or garage so finding them there could be even more difficult than here ?
However, find them we will ,,,, or die of old age ,.,.,. or chisel suicide trying ???
Keep posted .,,. I'll update you on this .,.,., and soon !
Post Script .,., Ha ! It turned out exactly as I thought / hoped / suspected .,.,
The chisels have now been found .,,.,. in the daughter's garage !
So breath a sigh of relief ( for me at any rate ! ) .,., it's not the onset of the dreaded Alzheimers.
Well not at my end anyway !!

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