Monday, March 02, 2009

Hey, wait a cotton-pickin' minute !

I've just been shafted ! Yeah, again ! And NO, not by the bloody UK Government this time ,,,
I put my usual top-up tenner on my mobile 'phone about 2-weeks ago or so ,,
Strange as it may seem to all you mobile 'phone junkies ( or cellphone if you're of a Yankee persuasion ) but this would normally last me some six to nine months !
Yeah, that was MONTHS !! I'm rather economical with my calls & texts you see.
So, you could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather when, less than 3-weeks later, I receive a text from Orange telling me I have only 51-pence ( that's UK currency speak for bugger-all ) left on my mobile account !
"Whit ? You must be joking" I replied ,,,
"Naw" they said ,, "that's your lot ... one more short call & you're up Shit's Creek ,, paddleless !!"
Well, that got my dander up ,,, I flew back to the Car 'Phone Warehouse that sold me the top-up. The guy there was very good, & helpful to boot ,, what a pleasant change these days ?
Unfortunately, he confirmed that my money was all but gone but offered to call Orange for me on his land line to find out why ?
"Have you had any texts in the past days ?" he asked ,,
"Why yes, now that you mention it I have ,,, some daft 66633 something number telling me how to win money on some casino thing or other .,,. naturally I just dump them ,, junk texts ?"
Fortunately he found one still on my phone's incoming texts listing ,..,
"Ah !" he told me ,, "that's the culprit right there .,,. these, eh we'll call them "people", charge YOU £2 for every text they send you !!! "
"People ,, I'll give them bloody people if I ever find them ,, bastards !
How the F**k can they get away with that" I asked, civilly !
"I don't know how they do it "he admitted ,, "but they can & they do !"
He then showed me how to put a stop to this practice ,, on MY 'phone at least !
So here's the cure if it ever happens to you ,,,
You must immediately answer this type of call by text and write the word STOP ,,,
This text will cost you the normal 12p .. no more, and then it ends .,.,
The perpetrators of this scam even text you back to confirm that they will STOP !!
Let me say it again ,,, cheeky BASTARDS !
So hopefully no more will I see these annoying and bloody expensive Junk Texts ,.,.
but alas, it seems there's no way of getting my lost ten quid back ..
Grrrrrrrrrrrr ... let me please find a way to get my hands on these scum ?