Thursday, March 19, 2009

A sure way to stop Wars ?

See Britain ?
See us super inventors ,,,,
See yon greatest designers in the world ,,
We arra peepell !
How to finally put a stop to wars ,,, ??
We've only gone & done it !
Just read it in the Herald tosmorning so it MUST be true !
Our British government's Military designers have finally hit their target.
They've designed and paid for ( with your money & mine btw, to the tune of some £20bn !) new Nuclear Missiles for our new Trident Nuclear ( deterrent !) Submarines ,.,.,.
Are you ready for it then ????
This you won't believe ,,, such an easy solution they've found in the end, to thwart our war-mongering generals ( Presidents & Prime Ministers too !) .,.,.,
The new Missiles don't fit !!!
Ya cannae make up stuff like this can ye ???
If the old cowboys had got guns that the bullets didnae fit in we could have had the Tame West !!
Hahahaha, this is gonna keep me smiling all day !

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