Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life's on the UP again !

Things are definitely getting better this week ,,
We're almost there ,,, well at least I can finally see light at the tunnel's end !
Not only has the new TV been up on the wall now for more than a week
( 9-days in fact, but who's counting, and with no signs of it or the wall coming down, thank God !) AND, I can nearly drive the Control Module thingy now !!
Well ok, that's an "almost" ; there are still one or four things I need to check out ,,, like how to play my beloved Radio on this new Amp !
The son is not a great radio lover so this hasn't been programmed into my hand set ,,, yet !
( Incidentally, why DO they call it a hand SET, when it's only ONE ? )
That and a few other minor but tricky manouvres to master then I'm ready for my driving test !
But no, really I was thinking more along the lines of ,,,
Aha, last night I had 3 numbers on my Lotto ticket .,,. so already I'm a tenner to the good !
Didn't I tell you life was on the up and getting better ??
Anyway, we've now chosen and bought the new "real wood" flooring & we also know which wood we're having for the fireplace, so it won't be long now 'till we can sit on our combined arses and do like Frankie, when he went to Hollywood ,.., RELAX !
Ann even found a RED vase for the fireplace ,,, but not yet the "right colour" flowers !
But I'll know it's finally over when the rugs come back ( and the right flowers are esconsed in the vase of course ! ,.,. and that'll be when all six numbers come up on the Lotto !!)
Once I'm finished my bit, I plan to WATCH the kitchen fitters install the new kitchen, raising not even my little pinky to assist ,.,. not one iota of help will they get !
Oh, Roll on April !!

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