Saturday, March 07, 2009

Well, that was the night that was !

Well at last, it's all over ,, bar the shouting of course, and there'll be some of that in the next weeks I'm sure !
Gone is the huge old TV, the apparently antiquated Hi-Fi system, DVD player, Video player ,,( my God ,, we were THAT out of date !! :( ,.,.., )
In came the new TV, ( still huge, in fact huge-er ! but flat screen at least ) the ultra powerful amp, cinema sound system, ( with very petit & discreet, but Jesus, ear splitting speakers, oh & not to mention the large Sub Woofer cube. :) Woof-ya ! )
Then there's the playstation 3, the sky+ box ,,, et al ,.,. now all fully installed and remarkably, it all works ! ( my biggest worry is now gone .,., that the telly would bring down the wall ! )
Bravo that son ,, the Installer .,,. number one fellah !
And the bugger never even opened one of the instruction manuals ??
Where does he learn all this stuff ? ( he specified all the cables needed too ,, about 100 quid's worth, off the top of his head no less ,.., :( )
I took the handbooks to bed last night ,,, just thought I might read up and learn a bit about how it all works, what it can do, etc ,,
Now I used to be a very competent engineer ( in my day ! ) ,,, but honestly ,, without a word of exaggeration here ,, I could not understand one bloody word in any of these books !
Well actually that's a lie ,,, I understood one very small item on the specification pages ( yeah, it takes pages ,, plural & lots of ,, to tell you all the technical stuff ! ) ,..,., & I am now extremely worried.
Both the TV and the Amp consume 500- watts of power ,.,.
That's a bloody kilowatt between them !! Like burning a single bar electric fire all the time the Telly is on !! Our electric bill ( already way too high ) will go into orbit now !! And that doesn't include the Sub & the PS3 ( another 400 watts !! Help .,,.,. ,)
I could barely afford to buy this stuff .,,. I now can't afford to play with it !!
Although with all that heat being dissipated in the room I might just save on the gas bill ?
Roundabout & swings, .,,. ( as my old mum used to say ! )
I can now access Tv, Games, my Computer Internet, my Pictures, my Jukebox ,,, everything ,,, on my new TV screen & all from the comfort of my armchair !
It'll be wonderful ,,, I know it will .,.,.,
Geeez ,,,, if I can just learn how to drive this Command Centre thingy !!

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