Friday, September 11, 2009

Nikons are Go .,.,The Re-Awakening.

It's time to take up my camera & get down to some serious photography again.The bug has been biting away at me for some months now and the last week has just convinced me to get my trigger finger out and start shooting again !
Three things have brought my re-awakening to the surface .,.,
1. Bones showed me his fantastic new lens ,, and the sensational pin sharp quality photos it's capable of taking.
2. I watched the Seeing Scotland Special on TV tonight with the excellent Charlie Waite showing some of his wonderful Scottish landscapes pics .,., and advising on some of his photography techniques. A very good teaching hour for beginners and long-in-the-tooth established photographers alike.
3. I intend showing my grand-daughter this hour long tutorial with additional helpful tips from myself ( and if she's fit enough & has ANY free time on her hands for outdoor photo shoots with all her family & work to take care of on the run up to her next baby, my daughter too ! )
So, I'm off now to have a think on some local 'ish locations for some exciting photo opportunities for me & my wee apprentice Lottie. Her next sleep over includes an early morning and dusk photo shoot ! Hope she's still as keen as her old Pumpa ?


Alistair said...

Sounds interesting. Could I find that on an I - player somewhere Scudder.?

The Scudder said...

Sure .,., it was on ITV last Thurs ( 10th Sept ) at 8pm .,., Enjoy !

Mark said...

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