Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dream Laughing

I had one of those dream laughs just before wakening tosmorning !
I love those ,,, actually woke me up .,., giggling out loud in my sleep like a daft teenager.
And what was so funny you might ask ?
Well, it was last night's TV believe it or not .,.,.,
The beloved asked me to switch on the Graham Norton show ! Now you're really confused aren't you ? GN funny ??? Eh No, she just wanted to see the Ozzie, ONJ
At this point anyone who knows me & my views might find it odd that I joined her in viewing the little JJ's show !
However, right away I was hooked .,., On came the other Ozzie (& his wife Sharon ) Osbourne .,., not quite so hooked when Ricky Gervais joined them on the couch , ( he has always fallen just short of my sense of humour I'm afraid ) but I stuck with it.
Ozzie & Gervais instantly took over the show giving Norton very little to do or say which suited me fine !
Ozzie has "written" a book on his life ( some might call such a thing an Autobiography but I doubt Ozzie could pronounce such a big word ! & besides he freely admitted to just talking to a Ghost ! )
Anyway Norton has book marked a few interesting pages for discussion ,,,
But Ozzie starts to tell of the time when he was at his peak as the Prince of Darkness .,., trying to get off a plane somewhere and avoid the masses of fans .,.,., "I was whisked off by the stewardesses " he said .,., and that's as far as he got before Gervais leapt in with .,.,
"Oh, 1st. Class then .,., I need to talk to these airline people .,., the best I ever got was an extra glass of champagne !!" That did it ,,, Gervais finally made me laugh .,., I think for the first time ever. He certainly got to Sharon who almost choked on her drink and fell off the couch !!
Olivia, when she finally came on, bless her, tried hard to keep up with the Ozzie/Gervais humour and to be fair, she wasn't bad but hey, a Princess of Darkness she isn't !

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