Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dreamin' again !

It happened again last night ,, Zzzzzzzz ,,,, there I was .,.,., dreamin' !
This time I wasn't laughing .,., This time I was very puzzled, perplexed even ,,,
A quick glance at the old luminous dial on my wrist told me to get back to sleep .,., It was 5-05 am !
What had wakened me this time .,., well who knows how this stuff happens ,, I was desperate to remember the correct names of ,,, wait for it ,,, The Proclaimers twins ! Eh ? Why ? God alone knows ,,, I went thro' all kinds of Scottishy type names for the boys, but could I remember ( or get the buggers out of my head ? ) .,., Nope, for the next hour I lay tossing names around in my stupid head then it hit me .,.,., No, not the twins .,., another one jumped into my crazy cranium .,. Buddy Holly .,., what was Buddy's real name .,., Oh Jesus, that does it, I thought .,., I'm sleeping no more tonight/this morning ! ,, this'll take another bloody hour ,, and so it went on ,,, it was when I finally gave into this nonsense ,, simply couldn't cope with the trauma of not remembering these guys names any longer .,., so up I got, down the stairs I went, and sat down for a wee morning chat with my old pal, Google ! Christ, what would we do without our old pal Google these days ? The good Mr. G provided the answers in the blink of an eye .,., wonder if he'll come to bed with me tonight :0) .,., just in case ? Or have I just dreamed up a new perversion ?? Oh and just in case you get addicted yourself .,.,
Craig & Charlie Reid .,., and of course, Charles Hardin Holley .,., ( with that extra "e" )
How could I possibly have forgotten Buddy ?.,., I've known that ever since The American Pie crashed !! Dreams are funny things .,., Nae wonder Auld Freud made a mint .,.,
Oh and just by the by .,., It suddenly dawned on me the connection .,., it's the Specs intit !
Phew ,, glad I at least got that wee bit sorted out.
OMG ,, now that's really spooky ,, I've just noticed ,,, Buddy died on the 2nd. of March
That's my beloved's birthday ,,, Look at her photo .,., with the Buddy Holly Glasses .,.,
Mr. Freud, please tell me what this all means ...

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Alistair said...

Hi Scudder,
Having finally got my A*** in gear I have been backtacking to the beginning of Dougies blog to get a better understandin of 'the man and the story'


I've had a good laugh. So much so I've had to stop now as my snorts and giggles are disturbing my grotty snotty, stay at home today lovely G and preventing her from enjoying her flu in a suitably solemn fashion.

Aaaahhll beeee baaaaack!

impressed, by the way, that you DO keep a credit card in your PJ pocket for airport parking emergemcies.