Friday, June 18, 2010

Bloody Foreigners !

So what did I do yestertime you ask ?
I abandoned my Thursday golf game to go to my grandwe'an's School Sports Day.
Do Thursday's get any better you might wonder ? :-(
Ok, so it was only a junior school event .,., Primary Sports as distinct from Premier Sports !
Running races, three-legged races, bunny-hops with the big bouncy Pom-Poms. ( as my little spectator grandson called them ! )
All great FUN .,.,
Now in my day these school sports days were a parental highlight of their kid's "academic"year.
The old Brownie Box Cameras were out in force snapping away, taking ( mostly ) blurred photos that would last a lifetime and bring much needed nostalgia in later life.
What happens in today's enlightened society ?.,.,
I'll tell you .,.,., One effing ethnic MINORITY parent objects to their we'an being photographed & the school ( the so called intelligentsia no less ) plays along with this moron and BANS all photography .,., so the MAJORITY of SCOTTISH parents don't get to have memories or nostalgia pics for their or their kid's auld age ! This nonsense is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and I'm giving you all fair warning ,,, next year my camera will be there and I will be taking pics of MY kids ,, and if theirs get in the shot ,, that's too damned bad !
I will no longer be dictated to by these closed mind, MINORITY, IDIOTIC so called parents.
If these people object to Sports Day pics or any other school activity pics then THEY CAN REMOVE THEIR BLOODY CHILDREN from these activities ! Mine are staying and mine are getting their photos taken !
It is every kid's right to have their Big Days recorded for posterity and I intend to do just that for MY KIDS in ALL future school days ,,,
And just let them try taking my camera out of my hands !
Yeah, that IS a threat !!
Finally I would URGE all you Silent Majority British parents .,., if you want your children to inherit OUR country for God's sake stand up now and be counted !

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Alistair said...

Hullo Scudder,

I absolutely agree and I feel sad that such a special day was ruined by political correctness gone mad. You know I'm very interested in kids welfare and the best interests of children through the work on Children's Hearings.

Decisions like this are absolutely NOT in the childs best interest and only breed fear and suspicion within children for anyone, ANYONE outside the family circle, fear which they will carry into adult life preventing or inhibiting openness, emotional maturity and establishing trusting relationships and teaching them to be adults who should fear any situation which cannot be controlled 100% and singularly failing to teach them to identify genuine safety risk.

Most children you find who are at risk of abuse - and therefore in threatening situations will be abused by fellow family members in the childs own home or other familiar situation.

As for protecting their 'human rights' I absolutely agree this is essential - but only where this does not negatively effect the rights of the majority. To foist this onto a situation such as a school sports day is ridiculous and that our 'powers that be' have allowed the situation to get so out of hand is unacceptable. There is no harm to anyones human rights if they accidentaly end up being photographed by someone who is innocently taking a shot of a loved one. In most cases they will be ignored or unrecognised by anyone later looking at the photo.

If there are genuine fears they should be met by withdrawing any child who's parents feel they do not want photographs taken - they can still take part in class sports periods after all so are not being denied anything. If there are fears about safety then proper supervision should be provided or the event could be held as a ticket only event.

It makes me absolutely bloody furious when situations like this arise and I completely agree with every point you are making here.

I'm sorry that your {and others} right to fully enjoy this occasion and to have an innocent photo as a memento were needlessly affected in this way.

You just spoiled my breakfast by the way, so thanks a pantload Scudder - even though it's not your fault.