Saturday, June 05, 2010

Gordy Black Pudding !

We have the grandson of the Buchanan clan with us this weekend for TWO consecutive sleep-overs !! How brave is that ?
Mum & Dad are gone ,,, off on a jolly .,., possibly their last for many years to come, although I haven't told them that .,., YET !
So we have the #1 son of that blessed union whilst #2 son is still baking !
They've gone to a luxury hotel in Royal Troon for some pampering ( and haven't even considered a game on the wonderful Royal Troon links !! I find it hard to believe the father is my son !!
Anyway today Gordy & the grand dad ( that's me ) are thinking up new names for the forthcoming baba .,., we've been through all the current contenders to no avail and now we've settled on "Nick-Names".
I have now let all the daughter's kid's nick-names out the bag and told Gordy about Mini-Mec, Baby Magic, The Pudgeman, Anna Bits & Tiny Troll so we just HAD to come up with two more ,, one for him & one for his baby brother.
So here they are :
Gordy will forthwith be deemed ... "Gordy Black Pudding" ( anyone who knows this kid will know how much of this stuff he can tuck away & therefore why this moniker is so very appropriate ! ) Now the new babe is a different matter altogether .,., we haven't been introduced yet so coming up with a wise crack moniker isn't so easy and may in due course change !
But for now we've settled on ,,,, wait for it .,.,., "Baby-Ben-10" ( no Mum, this was definitely NOT my idea !! but you know how these names stick :-)
Have a nice weekend folks ,, you just never know what you'll get back after TWO sleep-overs !!!
Ahh -hahahahahaha ...

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