Thursday, August 14, 2008

I have a problem ... HELP !

So, there I was ,, entering some "new contacts" on my Sony Ericsson Mobile 'phone last night ,.,..,
OK, Not rocket science you might think ? Mmmmm ,, Well think again my friend !
I entered umpteen new "golf contacts" .,., no problems ,, all went in exactly where they should go ,,, alphabetically ,,, EXCEPT ONE !!
I entered one, Jim Murray ,, and no matter how I did it he ended up incorrectly alphabetisized / alphabeticalised ?( surely even in America that just can't be a word ! ) coming in AFTER all the Jims, Joes, Johns and finally showing up AFTER Joyce ???? Eh ? ,,, How come ?
I've tried deleting him ,, re entering him ( if you'll pardon the expression !) but to no avail ,,
he wants to follow Joycie no matter where I want him ,,
I switched the damn thing off, pulled the battery to reset any possible GLITCH ,,,
Bloody Jim Murray still wants to follow Joycie ?
I changed him to FRED Murray and he behaved impeccably ,.., he jumped in immediately after the Franks ! Good man !
I then edited him ,,, re christened him Jim and wallop ,, he's off again after Joycie !
What's happening ?
Can anyone help fix this problem before I go stark staring bonkers ?
For now, Mr. Murray must remain a NON person for I simply won't allow him anywhere near my cute wee pal Joycie !

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