Sunday, August 10, 2008

A new idea for a Pixar movie ?

Good Morning Diary !
Nothing much on my mind tosmorning so I'll let you into a thought I had the other day ,..,,.
I was on the golf course, strangly enough ! :0) ...
I'm walking up the notorious Cowglen "Cardiac Hill" between the 4th. green & 5th. tee .,., a veritable painter's pallet of colour at this time of year, and just after heavy rain, it's beautiful. I'm just looking at the awesome summer growth of wild flowers, ferns, heathers, bushes, trees, when suddenly it strikes me !
I don't know why but Flick suddenly leapt to mind .,., you know, the wee Ant guy from the movie "A Bug's Life" was running around at my feet ,,.,.,., I started hearing all the different flowers talking to one other ,.., I immediately saw all the families .,.,.,
Those growing together on the same stem ,.., siblings obviously,, ( older brothers & sisters naturally at the top ) looking out and reporting back to the younger ones all the way down to the babies at the bottom ,,, mummies, daddies, aunties & uncles all around ,,, neighbours and strangers further away ,,,
Different species of flowers became foreigners who had moved in ! Nae Black Orchids that I could see ,, Aye ok, I know, I'm paranoid !!
Ants, birds, bumble bees, wasps, butterflies, bluebottles, flies, crickets, worms, all kinds of visitors ( even golfers stopping to pee !! ) coming & going ,,,
Then the craic started .,,. I actually heard all the different voices and the chatter going on was instantly fabulous ,,, and so funny ,.., the stuff flowers talk about .,., hahaha !!
I stopped ,,, pretended to need a pee just so's I could listen in a bit longer ,..,
I'm thinking of writing the screen play ? What d'you think ??? Could it sustain a movie audience for an hour or so ? I'm sure it could certainly become a classic Pixar Short !! I just know the graphics guys could work wonders into it.
My only worry for a Big Movie ,, ,, the setting ,.,. it could be a bit static ,.., I mean, flowers don't do a lot of running around ??
I even came up with the title right there on the spot !
It'll be called "Dougie Buchanan's Secret Life of Plants " .,.,,. ( )
Shit ! ,,, it's already been done ,,, but hey, NOT the fun version !!
'Course I might need to give Stevie Wonder a wee mention !!
But then you knew that of course, with my reference to the Black Orchid, didn't you ? You didn't really think I was being racist now did you ???

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