Sunday, August 17, 2008

Updates on the the Orange Wall, Sony Ericsson, the Google Barrier & the War !

On the ORANGE front ,.,. Total SUCCESS !!
Mrs. Beloved now has her money back in the bank ,..,.,
and Schhhhh ,,, they seem to have left it on her 'phone as well !
I'm done complaining to these people, I'm just tired of the whole saga,
so we'll just have to live with this extra cash on the 'phone I guess !! :o)
On my Mobile 'Phone front .,.,,. Hahahaha, No SUCCESS at all !!
Well strictly speaking that's not altogether true .,,.,. I'VE managed to put Jim Murray in his place ! But it turned out to be a long and tortuous road which I had to navigate alone !
I tried again & again to make JIM see reason .,., but nope, he fancied Joycie & that was his last word on the affair !!
I made him FRED and in he went (correctly) immediately following Frank !
Ahh some success I thought ,.,. a mere glitch ,, I deleted Murray ,, in all his guises ( Jim, Fred ,, oh and Adam !! )
Next I went into the SIM card record ,,, there he was again ,, still intent on chasing wee Joycie's bum !! I dumped him outta there too .,,.
Now, I figured ,,, starting anew, with no Mr. Murray anywhere on record, he'll go stand in line where he should be ?
Bastard ! He's back chasing Joycie's tail again ,, What a little bugger he is ( literally ? )
So now I was ANGRY ,,,
I took the offending thing into the Mobile 'Phone shop, to "an expert" to look over !
This guy said he knew ALL about mobiles .,., He laughed when I told him mine had managed to misplace it's alphabet memory ! "Ha, Not possible sir", he assured me ,,, "Let me have a quick look at it and I'll sort it for you", he said, smugly !
It took him less than 5-minutes to conclude ,.,..,
"Ah, Oh, Eh, I've never seen that fault before ,, Can I interest you in a new 'phone .,,. sir "
Not so bloody smug now, are you, ya wee shit ?
Incidentally, I also decided to reverse the source of the problem whilst trying to solve this dilemma .,,. instead of saving my contacts by FIRST name, I punched the button to save them by SURNAME .,,.,. This function is also U/S on my 'phone !!.,,.??
Next I complained to Amanda that she had passed on yet another DUFF mobile in my direction !! Told her that she couldn't possibly have her new 'phone for another 18-months now,,
I'd have gone stark staring by then ! Amanda did suggest, in the nicest possible fashion, bless her, that maybe, just maybe, it could be the operator and not the 'phone that was duff ??
Now there's something I hadn't given a thought to !!
However, my son, the font of all knowledge, gadget, gidget and assorted electronic toys wise was equally baffled .,., "That's very odd", he said ,.,. I've never seen that fault before !"
Christ, if the Law ever gets too much for him he could get a job in "Fones 4 Us "
I went home ,, in something of a huff I have to say ,,, No bugger gives a toss about my faulty 'phone I concluded !
I'll fix the damned thing I told myself ! That'll show them !
So, after much trial & tribulation ,, Haha, I HAVE !!
For those of you who might find a similar glitch on your own (now cursed, all of you who laughed ,, and YOU know who you are ! ) mobiles someday ,,,,
You need to change JIMs to Jas, then enter all the details, then edit to James, and enter all the details again .,., James will go into his proper slot in the alphabet ,,,, Oh yes he will ! ,..,.,
Then next you need to EDIT the James' back to Jim .,,. and then save ,,,
Voila !! .,,.
He'll then get off your Joycie's tail !
The End !!
What ? you don't believe me ? Just try it ,,,
Any new Jims I enter (Oops !) still get after Joycie's arse ,, ( it must be the smell or something that attracts them ? ) and I have to go thro' the above procedure to fix them !

Now the Google Barrier .,.,., Still working on this one I'm afraid ,,, These swine won't answer ANY kind of communication whatsoever ,..,,. YET !
So, I've now complained to the BBC's WATCHDOG !!
Tune in sometime and watch Google getting taken to task ,,,, MIBBIE ?

Oh and lastly, my new font ?
It's Georgia, to show my solidarity stand with these good people against their Russian invaders ! So let that be a lesson to these Reds !!

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