Saturday, August 22, 2009

So, Common Sense really is OFF the radar now !

We knew for weeks it was going to happen .,.,The newspapers had already told us he'd been sending his goods back to Libya for the past 6-weeks ! ( Hey, what the hell goods can a life serving mass murderer have in jail that takes 6-weeks to ship out for God's sake ?? )
They also reported that he'd 'phoned his wee Libyan mammy and told her he'd be home Friday !
And all this BEFORE Kenny MacAskill, Scottish Justice minister, had decided his fate ,,,
Aye right !
We did hope however that common sense might yet prevail because of the public outcry !
But alas NO .,., the do gooders win again ! ( damn them all to Hell )
We've only gone and been fooled yet again by the terrorist minority !
Going against the massive, almost total, outcry of Scottish public opinion and the abhorrence from the world in general the Scottish Government have only gone & released this murdering bastard Libyan fanatic. We, the public, had wanted to see him die a long slow death IN JAIL, where he belonged, with as much suffering as possible .,., our big regret of course being that he was alone in there .,., for it's for sure that more than him were involved in this atrocity .,.,
but will we ever learn the WHOLE TRUTH about this crime ? Not in my lifetime I fear ,,,
Both the US & UK governments are hiding it from us for reasons best known to themselves ,,
it was a cover up at the time and it's still a cover up ,, so WHY ??
Or is it simply that the price of a few barrels of oil = 270 lives ??
Anyway I and all true Scots wish the Devil's spawn Magrahi the most suffering possible for as long as he has left on this planet and an excruciatingly painful death ,, in fact what a pity prayers are not answered ,, for wouldn't that plane taking him home have looked so good crashing in flames in a little town in Libya ?

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