Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When did it happen ?

Sometimes I sit here and just wonder ,,,
Tonight I'm wondering .,., When did the beloved & I become so angry ? Not with one another ( well not always ! ),, but with life in general ? What pushed us over the edge ?
Was it this useless bunch of Politicians trying ( and failing ) to run our country .,., was it the greed in big business ,, the stock market swindling us out of our money .,.,
I don't rightly know but I do know we now get upset, angry, downright agitated and aggressive about so many things ,,
Stuff that wouldn't have bothered us at all years ago suddenly has us enraged ,,, eye poppingly red faced .,., beside ourselves with fury ,,, ( can our blood pressure stand it ? )
We can no longer tolerate the stupidities surrounding us ,, the news throws up so many nonsenses on a regular, daily basis ,,, I could list them but that's not why I'm writing now .,.,.,
I go back to my pondering ,,
Am I still enraged about my mother's untimely death all these years ago ?.,.,
Yes ! of course I am .. Do I still miss my silly old mother-in-law ,, Yep, that too ,, Jean could be fun ( some of the time ! ).,.,
Do we regret leaving Ann's Dad in the street when he was evicted ,, Is that a guilt trip we're carrying ? Yeah I guess, even that hurt ,, ( but we did it for all the right reasons ,, didn't we ? )
Could I have stopped my own Dad from suffering such a stupid early death ?
Who knows these things ??
Are we angry for our son & dear daughter-in-law .,., for our daughter and new dear son-in-law ?
Their problems are our problems ,,, naturally .,., but can it be something more than all these things ?
Is it simply an age thing ,, are we just getting old .,., ( and with old age comes intolerance, doesn't it ? )
Do we see the end coming with so much still undone ??
Mmmmm ,,,, I'm still thinking and wondering !

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