Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is it with this Auld Age ?

There I was, minding my own bloody business when Wap ,, It just hit me .,., Lost Memory Syndrome !
I'm writing .,., yeah still .,., a book or two ,, ok it's actually 4 now that I have on the go ,, yeah, simultaneously .,., DOH !
Anyway, the memory loss .,., oh yes ,, I keep my books "security passworded" so that their release to the world will be when I'm ready .,., but Jesus, for the past two days I've been sweating a bit .,., their release to the world looking like .,., eh, NEVER !
The ole memory bank ran out of funds .,., I couldn't, for the life of me, remember my password for 2 of them ! ( yeah stoopid I know ,, I have differnt passwords for different projects ! ) so for the last 48-hours I've been typing in possible password combos in an effort to gain access to my own work ! And for 471/2 of these the combos turned out to be quite futile .,., eh, wrong !
And I might add, I also have my written WILL protected in the same fashion ,, with the same password ! And IT was the actual reason for wanting in to these files at this time .,., my dear daughter having, since my First Will and Testament was writ, divorced & re-married ! So the ex needed to be changed to the current ! ( sorry Thomas, I'm sure you're the permenent not just the current !) and so it all started .,.,
However, all's well that ends .,., remembered !!
Phew .,.,.,.,


Phyl said...

Maybe I'm stating the obvious but don't wills only come into their own once you've shuffled off and once you've shuffled off asking you for your password is gonna be somewhat tricky????
This is not logical Captain!

The Scudder said...

You can be awfully silly at times for a Uni Graduate !
Of course I'll print off a paper copy, sign it & leave it for y'all when Bones tells me I'm about to shuffle off :-)