Saturday, August 29, 2009

Edward Moore ?

Why are the Yanks ( and others around the world who should know better ) making such a fuss about the runt of the Kennedy litter ?
They can't all have forgotten surely ?
This is the good ole guy who was allegedly shagging ( sorry, having an affair with ! ) his campaign worker ( behind his wife's back ! ), the young & impressionable Mary Jo Kopechne, her who was in the car accident on Chappaquiddick Island, remember, the car he was driving .,., the one where he ran off and left her to die, trapped under the cold water.
The same guy who was thrown out of Harvard college for cheating !
Great Liberal Senator ? Not in my eyes he wasn't .,., not fit to tie the shoelaces of either of his brothers .,., even his parents compared him unfavourably with his older brothers .,.,nice folks eh ?
He enlisted in the US army and applied to join the Intelligence corps .,., after only 3-weeks he was thrown out of there too !
He used his Daddy's political connections to avoid being deployed to the Korean war .,.,
Liberal ? Yeah very, with his womanising, the truth and any kind of backbone !.,., and somewhat academically challenged to boot.
At least his wife saw him for what he was ,, she divorced the bum ,,
His Democratic challenger way back once said it all .,.,
" The office of US Senator should be merited ,, not inherited ! Had his name been Edward Moore ( instead of Edward Moore Kennedy ) his candidacy would have been considered a joke ! Don't you think that Teddy is one Kennedy too many ? "
Yep ,, me too !

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