Friday, August 28, 2009

Time for a New People's TV Charter ?

God but I'm sick & tired of bloody TV adverts.
It's not that they now take up almost equal time with the programmes .,., that's bad enough !
it's that they are the same ads repeated & repeated .,., in fact "ad" nauseam .,.,
On the Sports channels it's a constant bombardment of gambling ads .,., come play Bingo, poker, bet on this, that or the other .,.,
On other channels, we get a different batch but they are then repeated similarly time after time .,., dare I say it again ,, ad bloody nauseam !
Don't these imbeciles know that this kind of brain washing doesn't work .,., it simply gets people ANGRY ! Angry enough to now instantly shut off all adverts .,.,
I think it's now way past time for Government intervention .,., Brain Washing is not allowed in Western Civilised Society .,., this "rubbish" is acting against my civil liberties and I want it stopped .,., NOW !
Had I Elvis' money I'd shoot a TV set a day .,.,
Had I Bill Gates money I'd shoot a TV ad man a day !


Alistair said...

Dear Mr Scudder,
Or can I be less informal and call you 'The'?

I absolutely agree with your comments about adverts.

What really gets mine in a twist too is how the bloomin sound cranks up when they come on and you have to turn it down or mute it. Its got to the stage that we watch very little live TV, merely recording to watch off the dreaded sky+ box so we can FF through the ads.

How bad is it when the titles on some American programmes are still running 10 minutes into the start of the programme.
Whats that all about.

Stopping for adverts after 5 mins and 5 mins before the end. I seem to remember when the adverts were quarter past, half past and quarter to, and long enough to make a cup of tea not make dinner and hang up a load of washing.

The Scudder said...

Feel free to call me the less than formal "The" anytime !
Nice to hear some encouraging, complimentary words rather than those I normally get from my lawyer son ,,who often tells me about my writings ,, "I won't defend you in court on that one Dad !!"
I agree wholeheartedly with your additional comments on the subject of Tv ads ,, the VOLUME ,,the frequency, the number of folks who get credits on films, etc ,,
We too record on the EXPENSIVE sky+ and FF .,., in fact I think frequently of telling sky to take their Tv & FO !!
Anyway I read your profile and with the exception of your awful FISHING habit and my golf addiction, we could almost be the same person .,., However you need to rid yourself of that unnatural compulsion for using the dreaded four letter word ( work I think you called it ! ) Ohhh sends shivers down my spine .,.,
Hope to talk to you some more even if you are an East coaster !

The Scudder said...

Now read a few pages of your Jings, crivens & help ma blog !
Very entertaining ,,,very similar views to mine I'm afraid ,, you may be becoming an auld rebel !
Loved your piece on Reality Tv & Simon ( up his own arse ) Cowell !
Couldn't agree with you more .,., Keep up the good work ,, I've now added your blog to my list of regular reads .,., hope you don't mind ?

The Scudder said...

Incidentally, what is this #39 Blog you follow ??