Sunday, February 28, 2010

God Only Knows.

The other night I watched a tribute to one of my all time favourite groups, The Beach Boys.
This particular programme was dedicated to Dennis ( Wilson ) and his contribution to the group.
Dennis was a bit of a hell raiser and true mostly only to himself. ( A Hero or a Villain ? )
Perhaps not the nicest of guys, selfish to a fault, but boy did he work at his life's (Good Vibrations ) stuff.
Sadly, soaked in alchohol and hitting the hard drugs hard Dennis, at age 43 burned out and drowned ( possibly even intentionally opted out of life ? .,., Done all he had to do ? ,, ( Sail on Sailor )
Of course I knew the story from way back, when it all happened ,, all the details about both him and the truly genius brother Brian ,, the rest of the boys .,., and the bastard father (who has much to answer for ,, currently rotting in Hell hopefully ) ,,
But why such a price the creators always seem to have to pay for their genius ?
I found the whole thing very moving naturally, but it did set me to wondering again ,,,
( yeah I've mulled this one over many times in the past )
Maybe a 40-year life span lived at a high level of achievement is actually preferable to an 80-year span of ordinaryness ? ( Wouldn't it be Nice ? )
Who has the happiest, best, more fullfilled life ?
Mr. ( flawed ) Genius or Mr. ( conforming ) Average ???
I'll never know now .,., missed my chance years ago !
( brings us back to God Only Knows ? )
But I have my suspicions !!


Alistair said...

S'funnybut - The Beach Boys are one of those bands that if you asked me I would say that I'm not a great fan of - and then one of their tracks comes on the radio and you find that not only are you singing along, but you somehow know all the words........


The Scudder said...

Not a fan of the Beach Boys ???
Wash your mouth out with soap you East coast philistine ( that's boorishly uncultivated btw ),,
& make that carbolic soap !
But at least your sub conscience has been a fan at some point !