Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let us not scoff .... ( Och aye let's ! )

England are off to the World Cup soon apparently !
It must surely be soon if all the hype is to be believed ?
Wright, Wright, Wright is all a dither already, dribbling thro' his gold tooth at the prospect of his team winning the cup ,,,!
( Somehow my vision is more like him crying after every game ? again ! )
Now remember what I said ,, we mustn't scoff ! After all they're not the brightest stars in the sky, footie players ( or ex-players ! ) are they ?
Fabio is telling his "aces" to behave, not to shame the shirt ,, or be sacked !
Ha ! A bit late maybe Fab ?
That'll be the same Fab who's taken the Captain shirt from the "Love Rat" and given it to the "Alleged Druggie" !
Oh, and the same manager that wants phantom phone texter and "Love Rat II" Cole in the team !! Well at least wee Cheryl has dumped him from her team !
Why aye pet...
Then there's the prospect of the ex captain playing alongside and building "Bridges" with his "friend" Wayne .,., ( well at least Wayne will know where he is for that 90 minutes ! )
The bold Terry only wants to win the Premier League title, the Champions League Cup AND the World Cup, Hahahaha ,,, oh and a few more more Groupies thrown in to the communal bath after the games wouldn't go amiss I'm sure ! ,,,
Only a totally brainless, but very rich, serial shagger could think in these terms and actually believe it might happen ? ( You can't BUY a World Cup son ! )
Well like I said ,, God bless them ,, they need all our support ???
Och naw, let's just scoff and buy the new World Cup tee shirt ,, The ABE !
( that's "anybody but engerland" just in case you've missed it )
PS for Fab : Before & after JOHN TERRY was famously dropped as captain when it was revealed he had bedded Chelsea and England team-mate Wayne Bridge's girlfriend, we also had/have :-
The other Engerland "stars" said to have cheated on their WAGs are, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Wayne Rooney, David James, David Beckham, Emile Heskey and Gabriel Agbonlahor.
Aston Villa striker Agbonlahor ( some English name that one ! ) got three girls pregnant.
He was allegedly seeing them all at the same time. ( quite a bloody striker then ! )
His Villa strike partner Ashley Young stripped off on webcam for a girl. ( not so much a striker as a flasher then ? )
Spurs front man Jermain Defoe denied being a love rat in 2008 after being accused of cheating on his then fiancée. ( aye right Jer, we believe you ,, even if she didn't ! )
So it's true then ,,, England WILL win the World Cup ?
Alreadty have in fact .,.,., Champs-of-sex-scandal-World-Cup that is of course.


Anonymous said...
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The Scudder said...

Translation of the above appears to say ,,
Get along with others may wish to talk more with your eyes more open our mouths to think ????