Friday, February 12, 2010

You Shouldn't Laugh !,,, No, really, you shouldn't !

Can you believe this ?
A BUNGLING medic managed to give a false LEFT foot to a patient who had lost a right leg !
Aw c'mon ,, you've got to be kidding me ?
And no' only that, the Numpty Doc. technician Malcolm Griffiths, failed to spot his blunder at TWO later check-ups with the patient.
Eh ? Wis he sober ?
The case of the "two left feet" charge is one of a list of complaints that false limb technician Griffiths will face at a disciplinary hearing next week.
Hey, maybe he thought his patient was Jake the Peg ?
He "could" be suspended or struck off if he's found unfit to practise. IF ???
Well he might no' be unfit, but I guess he disnae dance either !!
Griffiths was fired from the "SMART" centre - ( hahahahahaha the SMART centre ! ) a mobility clinic at Edinburgh's Astley Ainslie Hospital - in 2008.
He allegedly fitted the wrong foot to a patient identified as "A".
( And just let me get this right here ,,, "A" didnnae notice either that he had aquired TWO LEFT FEET ? )
He is also accused of causing "unnecessary delay and pain" by bungling the case of another patient, identified as "D".
Aw Don't tell me ,,, he put this one's new heid on back tae front ?
In all, this eejit faces complaints and allegations involving 11 patients.
Let me just comment here, if it took 'till patient #11 before his bosses noticed his poor performance then they should be fired as well !
It's alleged that he "demonstrated continual poor performance in several areas of his work". Alleged ?? alleged ,, who writes this garbage ?
Griffiths's fate will be decided next Thursday by the Health Professions Council Conduct and Competence Committee.
It's only taken from 2008 'till now to figure if this guy is competent or not .,.,.,
Jesus ! Gi' me strength !

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Alistair said...

I hear that he's spent the time since 2008 preparing for his hearing. He's confident that he wont put a foot wrong on the day!

Nice one Scudder........