Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Beloved Valentine.

Still crazy ( about the woman ) after all these years !
We stopped doing the soppy, stupidly expensive, cards & flowers long ago.
We now choose instead to express our love for one another in the much more practical form of a really nice bottle of wine, given each to the other and drunk over the following days with a couple of equally special, romantic meals for two, sometimes quietly in a nice restaurant, sometimes at home with appropriate background music ...

OK so some might say we are just a pair of old drunks, ( hic ) but I prefer to believe we are telling one another that we are still deeply in love and at the same time doing our bit to stick it to the Greeting Card & Flowers industry rip off merchants !

So on yet another Feb.14 together I raise my glass ( metaphorically of course for it's still only breakfast time ! ) in a toast to the Love of my Life.
Cheers petal, and long may it continue.
Love always xxx xx

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Mark said...

Hey, Thanks for sharing this with us! I think you had a good valentine.

Have a good day.